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30+ Years of Award-Winning Work

Goldstein Group Communications has received many awards for B2B marketing success from local and national industry organizations stretching back 30+ years. Our award-winning work includes numerous marketing strategies, websites, lead generation campaigns, branding initiatives, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs and more. We are honored to receive the recognition that validates the “measurably better marketing” we bring to our clients.

Goldstein Group Communication Awards

Read about some of our favorite award-winning B2B marketing programs

Product launch

A go-to-market plan for a new product launch that generated quick lead generation, awareness and promoted the company as an industry leader.

Result: an impressive $8/$1 ROI and sales-qualified lead flow that was 30% above the original goal

Higher lead conversion

A website audit uncovered why a healthy level of website traffic was not converting into more leads.

Result: Better website messaging and call-to-actions (CTAs) dramatically increased conversion rates.

Success in driving sales-qualified leads

For one company, leads came in from digital marketing at rates higher than industry standards but seemed stuck in the sales funnel by not converting into enough sales-ready opportunities.

Result: We developed a series of automated email workflow campaigns that better aligned with customer behavior patterns to present just the right messaging at the right time.

Shaping the marketing plan to drive a new sales strategy

A tight niche market led one company to create a “switch” sales strategy that prompted prospects to switch from their current vendors.

Result: Messaging and copy were re-designed to include more aggressive comparative advantages, which led to increased sales qualified leads (SQLs).

Rebranding for marketplace success

A private equity firm lacked a website that was leading visitors to reach out to remain and learn more.

Result: Rebranding, thought-leadership messaging, more call-to-action engagement techniques and better SEO- kept visitors on the site longer and generated more inquiries to the firm.

All award entries have strict requirements, including being able to demonstrate measurable impact and results. As always, we can back our work with proven marketing ROI based on before-and-after analytics. Are you interested in learning more about our award-winning B2B marketing?

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