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Better Branding

Branding Impact: Voice and Visuals

Top-level creative isn’t about winning awards for the agency.  It’s about winning customers for you. 

It’s never been more difficult to get a prospect’s attention than it is today. Effective campaigns must be built on a message that’s not only differentiated and compelling, but presented in a way that demands attention, that breaks through. 

Best in the World Branding

The First Stage of Liftoff: Branding Messages That Matters

Your marketing machine can’t make it off the launch pad without a brand that’s compelling, memorable and comparative.

Consider the About Us Page Test: if you replace your company’s name with a competitor’s name, does it still apply? If so, that’s a clear indication that your company is struggling with the “sea of sameness” that affects so many. Getting beyond “me-too” messaging requires a process that identifies a company’s three core messaging platforms:

What are your “only” messages, those Best-in-the-World themes that apply only to you and your products?

What are your “trigger” messages?  What triggers a prospect to buy?

What are your “switch” messages that persuade a prospect to switch from a competitor to you?


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Building the Battle Card

GGC works with clients to define their total Message Architecture, using customer interviews, executive workshops, and market research to build a differentiated platform around their only/trigger/switch themes.  

When published in our unique Battle Card sales tool, the entire company now has a Brand Voice document that brings everyone together into a consistent, unified marketing message: 

Target Sweet Spot Personas

Why We Win

Why We Lose

Proof Points

Only-Trigger-Switch Messages



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Better Branding

Building global brands on messages that matter and visuals that inspire

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