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Better Leads

You’re not really looking for leads.

You’re looking for:

Solid sales-ready opportunities

Quote requests

People who are in the buying process now

It’s a higher bar than mere lead generation.

Many marketers talk about the lead funnel and the work needed to convert a lead to a sales-ready opportunity. We do too.

The Fallacy of the Funnel

But what we’ve come to realize – and exploit to our clients’ advantage – is what we call the fallacy of the funnel. It’s not a straight line. The Buyer’s Journey, the path taken from initial interest to customer, is in fact a jumbled, curved, tangled and at times interrupted pathway that marketers must account for in order to keep prospects connected, engaged and moving toward a close.

GGC builds advanced and segmented workflows and automation campaigns to move prospects through that Buyer’s Journey in less time, with less resources and greater results.

HubSpot Marketing Automation – Connecting Marketing to Sales

With nearly 30 different tools within the HubSpot marketing automation platform, a level of technical depth and expertise is required for gaining the maximum impact on marketing from your HubSpot investment.

As a HubSpot Platinum agency, we’re one of fewer than 10% of all HubSpot partners worldwide that have achieved this level of sophistication.

We work with a variety of marketing automation platforms including Marketo and Pardot in building better visibility into your customer’s buying behavior. 

Marketing Automation software allows us to finally move beyond superficial metrics such as email open rates or “counting clicks,” or even counting quotes. Now we’re able to count results, and identify what works and what doesn’t. 

Full Service Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

Website Conversion Rate Optimization

List Segmentation

Lead Scoring

Funnel Optimization

Closed Loop Reporting

Data Hygiene

Persona Development

Buyers Journey Mapping


Targeted Dimensional Mail

Account Based Marketing

Paid Search and Paid Social

LinkedIn Targeting

Sales Level Agreements

Our Mission:

Inspired, Data Driven B2B Marketing Programs Built to Accelerate Sales

Better Branding

Building global brands on messages that matter and visuals that inspire

Message Architecture | Wow! Creative | Logo and Identities | Video | Photography and beyond...

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Better Leads

Quality leads that quickly convert to sales-ready opportunities

Inbound Marketing | Email Marketing Automation | Funnel Optimization | Data Hygiene | Conversion Rate Optimization and beyond...

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Better Websites

Designed and built to work as hard as marketers do

SEO | Search Marketing | User Experience | Expert Development | Integrations | Ecommerce | Analytics and beyond...

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Better Content

Differentiated, technical content that clients don’t have to re-write

Search Strategy | Engineer Level Writing | White Papers and Webinars | Public Relations | Sales Material and beyond...

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Better Results

ROI performance that takes the guesswork out of marketing

KPI Setting and Performance Metrics | Attribution Reporting | Closed Loop Reporting | ROI Dashboarding and beyond...

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