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ChemREADY is a leading provider of chemicals, equipment and services used for maintaining safe and compliant water quality processes in water treatment and industrial wastewater systems.


Growing online business

ChemREADY was referred to GGC by its private equity owners to improve the company's digital marketing campaign to find new customers. The website was not bringing in the Marketing Qualified Leads they had hoped for, and its messaging was not crisp enough to get enough customers to switch from current vendors. Traffic to the website was lower than its competitors, and when prospects did find their way to the site, the content, messaging and navigation experience on the site did not convert often enough to interested prospects.

Audit and Improve

Growing online business was the first priority for GGC and ChemREADY.

GGC began with a messaging and competitive audit to assess current online behavior, measure what competitors were doing, and tighten its message to focus more on comparative advantages and benefits. Existing messages on the site were flat and "me-too" in nature, leaving visitors confused as to why ChemREADY is a better partner for their water treatment chemical programs.

This initial discovery included executive interviews and questionnaires, customer interviews and data analysis traffic patterns and heatmaps of website user behavior. Web analytics tools showed that visitors were clicking on product information primarily, and bypassing much of the tutorial information on the site. Product messaging, therefore, would become key in future marketing initiatives.GGC re-designed the website to center around product content, with additional graphics, buttons, videos and above-the-fold product positioning to drive home critical chemical and safety data visitors were seeking. Aggressive search strategies were deployed with particular focus on diverting traffic from competitors to ChemREADY instead.


New customer testimonial and how-to videos focused on product expertise and positive recommendations from the field.

Give Visitors What They Want - Right Away!

Heatmapping showed that website visitors were most interested in clicking on product information tiles than some of its tutorial content. By flipping the order of content on its pages, website lead conversion rates doubled.

Worst to First in Website Traffic

Qualified organic site traffic has increased from a few hundred organic visits a month to 20X that amount today. While in the past ChemREADY's organic traffic lagged its competitors, today it leads all its competitors in organic traffic volume.

Measurably Better

700000 Sale
from website lead
119% Increase
in organic traffic over one year
61% More MQLs
from the website