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Look into the processing tanks you'll find in most food or pharmaceutical facilities, and you're likely to find yourself looking through the pressure-proven sight ports, cameras and lights made by LJ Star. The company's processing equipment is used to make it easy -- and safe -- for plant engineers and maintenance teams to look inside these highly pressured tanks and vessels.

LJ Star

Generate Quality Leads to Drive the Sales Team

LJ Star began working with GGC in 2007. Digital marketing plays a critical role for the company, as it sells to large companies with dozens of buyers dispersed throughout the country. In short, they're hard to find with a traditional sales-first method, so digital lead generation and branding are critical for getting prospects to "raise their hands" so the sales team has interested prospects to close.

Integrated B2B Lead Generation Impact

LJ Star relies on GGC for a totally integrated approach to branding and lead generation for its engineering target audience -- from brand awareness to growing digital presence to building lead-to-sales pipelines. GGC has created a new, more contemporary logo/identity, revised the website to improve engagement and cost/lead metrics, and developed a wide range of white papers, testimonials, feature articles and videos to help build brand preference. GGC's search engine strategies for LJ Star have been instrumental in increasing its flow of quality leads to the website, with the company routinely generating hundreds of lead and quote requests each month.

Virtual Trade Show Booth

How can a company replace the valuable lead generation traffic generated by trade shows during COVID, when face-to-face events are cancelled? Many show organizers have moved to virtual events, but those "showrooms" are temporary -- all the work that goes into building them out for an event disappear after the show. What an inefficient use of time! GGC created a novel approach -- a permanent virtual trade show booth that generates leads, showcases new products, offers showroom chat and tracks user behavior -- in an environment they could control, and that lived on regardless of any passing trade show schedule.


Tutorial Handbooks

GGC wrote and produced critical lead generation handbooks that are proven to be popular among the engineering audience LJ Star seeks to attract.

Updated Corporate Identity

The centerpiece of the re-brand, of course, is a new logo, designed to communicate LJ Star's forward-facing direction with an icon that symbolizes "eyesight" and vision, to and connects to the "process observation" industry sector.GGC brought the new logo to life with a full package of materials that carry it through to every customer touchpoint.Rolling out the logo required a big impact: dimensional box mailing to Tier 1 customers with a brochure introducing the new brand, logo and a "clear-vision" flashlight to celebrate the new look.

Measurably Better

40% Improvement
on website conversion rates
15% Jump
in quote activity at a time when the market contracted by 20%.