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Marion Process Solutions

Marion Process Solutions is the leading global manufacturer of mixers, blenders, thermal processing equipment, and size reduction equipment, with more than 80 years of engineering expertise. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to processing solutions, Marion provides thoughtfully engineered, built-to-spec equipment to suit a variety of processing needs, as well as personalized consultative technical expertise and aftermarket parts and customer support services.

Marion Process Solutions

Marion Process Solutions (MPS) was looking for an agency to help them escalate their digital marketing efforts 200%, furthering their reach as they looked to expand their footprint. From lead generation to new product launches, GGC was tasked to find, get and keep more customers.

Since 2019, we've helped MPS get found by attracting leads via content, PR, SEO, paid search, digital advertising and social media. Once found, we needed to nurture to help turn those leads into customers. Our integrated marketing efforts influenced a 2000x ROI for this customer as compared to their prior years.

Customer-driven website refresh

Complete website refresh to enable visitors to easily find their solution and navigate between resources. Previous website was difficult to navigate to different solutions of mix, dry, blend and reduce.


New product line with the challenge of a new target audience.

Marion was looking to launch a line that could compete at a similar price point with imports. The line would focus on quality and entry-level processing equipment for smaller companies. The campaign included sale support materials, digital marketing elements, webinars and lead generation efforts.

Line expansion with several new products launched at the same time.

A new launch to drive incremental business and exapnd market potential by 50%. Five new products were launched with market campaigns directly to target audiences and also to various rep sales groups.


Measurably Better

98 Submissions
Leads to-date of 98 submissions, 23 over the goal of 75 submissions during the same timeframe.
2000 2000x ROI
Significant ROI, including a 8:1 sales-to-marketing spend
8000 Prospects
Over 8,000 prospects and customers enrolled in drip campaign.
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