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Metalcraft, a property identification solutions provider, has a long history of innovation reaching back to 1950 in creating high-quality, durable tracking solutions. Products include RFID tags, plastic tracking labels, metal asset tags and more to manage resources in hospitals, schools, IT, military, and shipping. Metalcraft's differentiators include deep expertise and customization, customer-driven responsiveness and long-lasting partnerships.


Metalcraft was struggling to find a partner that could provide multiple services within a B2B manufacturing environment. One challenge was nurturing prospects in a long sales cycle. An agency would need to be involved in both lead generation and lead nurturing. In addition, Metalcraft was heavily involved in bringing new technology to market, so the agency would also need to handle full product launches complete with logo design, web development, project management, copy writing and other promotional activities.

Metalcraft's partnership with GGC started in 2020 with PPC, SEO, email and a few product launches. Since then, GGC's work with Metalcraft has increased year-over-year with growth in SEO and PPC management, additional new product and growth campaigns, media management and more. The goals have always been to have an agency that knows their product, target audience and best ways of communication. With each success, more campaigns and projects have been added or increased, such as the doubling of certain digital marketing efforts.

Technical Writing to Encourage Downloads

We create educational handbooks, technical white papers and more, showcasing business problems and how to solve for them. The most downloaded content offer, the RFID Handbook, has attracted more leads to Metalcraft than any other asset.


New product launch with multiple steps.

A complete go-to-market product launch with such an advanced new product, it required not only a whole brand extension campaign but also a logo and name. Metalcraft needed a campaign that would result in immediate lead generation to recoup the costs of research and development. The campaign was designed for immediate lead generation through PR, paid media, thought leadership and content marketing followed by an intense nurturing campaign to garner results.

Tags that last: A "Durable" campaign

Re-energizing one of their top products, photo-anodized metal and foil labels, we focused on new creative, new whitepaper, and a strong nurture campaign that re-positioned their strengths and key messages to gain more opportunities in the asset tracking industry .


Measurably Better

60% ROI
since we began the digital marketing program.
487% Increase
landing page conversions year over year
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