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See how GGC programs generated critical ROI results for clients. It’s all part of our “Measurably Better” GGC Core Value.

Looking for leads? Better yet, want to generate true quote requests and sales opportunities? We have collected 30 of the greatest lead generation tips and tricks over our 30-year history. Learn from our legacy.

This webinar will outline how to implement the 12 most important B2B marketing initiatives – the “Dirty Dozen” – that will drive your revenue while you reduce your cost/sale.


Many B2B marketers don’t realize how much SEO sits at the heart of their organizations. Frustrated that your competitors outrank you? It’s finally time to put that behind you. This on-demand 30-minute webinar gives you eight insights you need to beat the competition and earn that top-of-page position.Watch the webinar to learn when smartly applied, SEO drives marketing strategy and grows sales.

How have the pandemic and new technology changed what works today in B2B marketing? The way technical buyers find and evaluate products and companies is dramatically different, and new creative, out-of-the-box solutions are required today.Listen to a great webinar from two experts that will tell you why you need to change your marketing tactics for proven ways that result in sales-qualified leads.

LinkedIn provides marketers and salespeople with a hyper-targeted channel for finding new prospects who look just like their best customers. It’s not expensive. It’s not complicated. And it’s the perfect channel for finding new deals for B2B companies.Learn why LinkedIn is often called a “Marketer’s Dream” -- connecting prospects looking for purchasing information while providing the industry insights that will help you in lead generation.