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Lake Shore Cryotronics

Lake Shore Cryotronics manufactures sensors, cryostats, measurement instruments and related electronics used by scientists around the world. Lake Shore equipment helps researchers push the boundaries of electrical measurements, enabling discoveries that change our lives.

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Driving Website Conversions

Serving in a niche market presented challenges to Lake Shore. Although the company had succeeded in getting traffic to its website, its efforts to get visitors to convert into leads were below industry standards. With the success of getting coveted traffic, website messaging and CTAs needed to get conversions. View the strategy that successfully implemented tactics for success. 


Advances in technology are based on understanding the electrical characteristics of materials. Physics labs need advanced scientific equipment to do their research, often at super cold temperatures. Lake Shore Cryotronics is a leader in this market.


Pop-Ups and CTAs

Among executives, there was a sense that they should be generating more sales leads and leads of higher quality. GGC observed that the conversion rate of website sessions to new contacts was below average compared to similar companies. If they could increase the number of leads converting on the website closer to the 1-2% typical of other websites, then they would generate more leads of high quality.   

UX and Content

GGC performed a UX audit of the website, which suggested they add more calls to action (CTAs). In addition, GGC recommended more banner popups with content offers. Then GGC developed a comprehensive plan detailing which web pages would get banners and CTAs. Relevance and timing were critical to avoid irritating visitors.  

Measurably Better

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